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HBS Law is a commercial law firm with an advice team specialising in commercial property, corporate, commercial and Intellectual Property law.

We are are a long-standing and well respected firm providing legal advice both to business and to private clients since 1908. We aim to provide technical excellence and cost effective achievement of our clients' objectives.

About HBS Law

HBS Law specialises in a variety of different practices.We are specialists in Employment Law. Year on year, UK employment law continues to extend in all areas of working life. There has been a huge increase in Unfair Dismissal protection under UK employment law, increasing workers' rights in cases of dismissal relating to pregnancy, parental or family leave, trade unions, asserting a statutory right, health & safety, refusing to work on a Sunday, claiming the National Minimum Wage etc. Information from the Association of British Independent Chartered Accountants.

Changes introduced to UK employment law in 2004 required that employers and employees followed laid down guidelines for disciplinary and grievance procedures.

Maternity rights now enshrined under UK employment law have also increased dramatically. Paid maternity leave is now 26 weeks and maternity leave up to 1 year. UK employment law now also provides for paid paternity leave.

The logical options for a business that employs anything from 10 to 200 people are these:-

  • Try and learn sufficient about the legal implications and requirements of managing your employees to enable you to do it yourself without taking your eye off your business and without ending up with an award of compensation from an employment tribunal.
  • Employ one of your employees to train up to the required level of knowledge and put them in charge.
  • Employ an already trained and qualified personnel manager. Can you find one worth his or her salt for less than £30,000 a year?

Use of my services will enable you to access over fifteen years of specialist, practical experience and qualification for as much time as you think may be reasonably required for your business.

Fast, simple and easy background checking for businesses

When running a business, you should always be certain of your employees, partners and investments, with Private Detective London you will get the help from experienced and expert investigators to give you confidence in your company.

This can be done through a series of techniques that will reveal information that will help you make important decisions, including background checking, surveillance watch and due diligence investigations. Get the latest information.

Background checking is a great way of finding out the truth about potential employees and existing ones. Finding out the authenticity of what has been said is vital if you want a business that runs smoothly and with employees that you can trust.


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Our Aims

Our aim is to provide high quality, proactive, legal and support services to clients at competitive rates.

As a specialist practise we offer personal service with senior, experienced lawyers involved in transactions at all stages.

We are here to be part of the client's team and to be available to handle day to day matters as well as major transactions.

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